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Currently, GAHSO has a five-member board of directors elected through AGM and it is primarily responsible for; Policy framework development; Performing ultimate governance authority or the organization; and Fundraising on behalf of the organization.

GAHSO also has an Advisory Board (AB) made up of skilled and specialized individuals who use their expert knowledge to augment the board. Therefore, the AB is responsible for providing technical guidance to the board; and is the key figure of GAHSO in matters relating to public relations.

OUR Values, Mission and Vision


GAHSO envisions an equitable society where marginalized vulnerable individuals realize their human rights. 


Our mission is to promote equity by socially empowering the society through evidence - based programs and initiatives that foster learning, access to better health care and sustainably environments

Core Values

Our Core Values are encapsulated by the acronym ACTREP
❑ Accountability
❑ Collaboration
❑ Transparency
❑ Respect for human dignity
❑ Equality and inclusivity for all
❑ Positive partnerships & Professionalism

Address: P. O. Box 159 - 40111, Kisumu, Kenya | Phone: +254 770 593 655 | Email:
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